Library Expansion

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To view the floor plan of our library renovation, click here.


On August 7, 2016, a capital campaign committee, composed of volunteers, launched efforts to raise $3.4 million in the Creston area for the purpose of transforming the Gibson Memorial Library into the Creston Area Library and Cultural Center. As of 2020, we have raised $915,000 (in the bank not including pledges) with $16,500 pledged toward our goal.

With support from over a dozen area civic groups, our building plan doubles the size of the Gibson Memorial Library, providing much-needed space for children's programming, public meetings, cultural events. We are the only public library in Union County, and focus on keeping our citizens digitally connected to the world around them, while continuing to provide traditional library services with an emphasis on childhood literacy, quality programming, and the reading interests of our patrons.

  • Please donate with a check, cash, or make a secure online gift-

Please support our efforts! Pledges can also be made over a two-year period. We are eager to publicize your gift but of course it may remain anonymous. Donate at the library, or anywhere, with our Paypal button.

  • Support us with noncash gifts-

We accept noncash gifts of securities, real estate and planned gifts. Our fundraising specialist can help you and your financial advisor make your noncash gift a reality.

  • Host a fundraising party at your home or work-

We would love to help you host a fundraising party in your home or with your business or organization - a fun way to get others to support our library transformation.

  • Volunteer for our fundraising committee-

Please join our group of generous community members who are helping to plan events, write articles, make flyers, and cultivate donors. Become a CHAMPION for the Creston Area Library and Cultural Center by sharing your reasons for supporting our efforts. With your generous gifts and support, we'll add space for children's programming, community meeting space, and our collections. The Creston area deserves a great library and cultural center!


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