The Great Union County Scavenger Hunt!

Do you crave some fun in these times of pysical distancing? Are you looking for something different to do with Family the weekend after Thanksgiving? Do you just need to get out of the house and enjoy our beautiful community? We've got the answer!

Join us for The Great Union County Scavenger Hunt to search, scavenge, and socially distance from your car!

Here's how it works:

1) Register your team and pay depending on the number of people on your team. Pricing includes 3 hours of social distancing fun and dinner!

2) Everything else is through Facebook:

a. Mark yourself as "Going" on this Facebook event page. Link:

b. The day of the event, post a photo of your team by 1:00pm as it's own post on the event page.

c. At exactly 2:00 pm, we will post the list of items your team will be hunting for. We will also have printed out copies at library for pick up at exactly 2:00 pm.

d. You have 3 hours to find as many items as you can and post the photos of them in the comments of your team's original photo post.

3) At 5:00 pm, head over to Matilda J Gibson Memorial Library to pick up your meal, provided by Java Js, Green Accounting, and Hull Monument Services!

Keep track of your points, and be ready to report them when you pick up your meal. The winning team is the one who accumulates the most points by visiting the most sites, plus bonus points for most creative team name!

We'll see you there! (From 6 feet away, of course.)

Register Using this link:

The Great Union County Scavenger Hunt!