Patrons can easily access library policies that have been adopted by the Library Board:

  1. Customer Rules & Regulations
  2. Electronic Access (Internet) Policy
  3. Volunteer
  4. Library Card Registration
  5. Video & DVD
  6. Selection
  7. Institutional Checkout
  8. Public Relations
  9. Circulation & Overdue
  10. Inter-Library Loan
  11. Genealogy Data Policy
    A. Genealogical Request Form
  12. Fax
  13. Exhibits and Public Notices
  14. Equipment Use
  15. Emergency Procedures
  16.  Confidentiality of Library Records
  17. Library ICN Room
  18. Bylaws of the Library Board
  19. Personnel Handbook
  20. Safe Child
  21. Cell Phone
  22. Meeting Room
  23. Library Laptops
  24. Sex Offenders Against Minors
  25. Teacher Circulation
  26. Recording and Acknowledgement of Gifts
  27. Capital Campaign Donor Privacy Policy
  28. Gift Acceptance Policy 
  29. COVID-19 Exposure and Work from Home
    -City of Creston COVID-19 Infectious Disase Action Plan (Updated: December)
    -City of Creston COVID-19 FAQ, Infectious Disease Action Plan and Expanded Family Medical Leave and Emergency Paid Sick Leave (Updated: November)
  30. Library Board Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest
  31. Healthy Body Healthy Mind Betterment Kits

Policies are updated and placed here as hyperlinks/PDF documents for patron access. The Board reviews one policy every month to keep them current.