What is on your nightstand?

This is your complete resource to aide you in finding your next read! Be sure to join our group, "What's on your nightstand?" to discuss books you are currently reading, wishing and wanting to read and share the love of fine literature with a group of friends! Lists of books discussed will be shared here for your convenience.

What is on your nightstand lists

Here patrons will find all the books discussed at each What is on your nightstand event.

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted
PDF file icon 9.3.2020.pdf 9.3.2020.pdf 10/2/20
PDF file icon 9.10.2020.pdf 9.10.2020.pdf 10/2/20
PDF file icon 9.17.2020.pdf 9.17.2020.pdf 10/2/20
PDF file icon 9.24.2020.pdf 9.24.2020.pdf 10/2/20
PDF file icon 10.1.2020.pdf 10.1.2020.pdf 10/16/20